On 3 July, the first winners of the contest “The Flower of the Sun” were announced on the Main Stage. The ensembles were competing in three categories: stylised folk dancers, instrumental music and solo instrumentalists. 

Report on winners

     The performances were judged by the competent international jury, comprising Diana Martinaitienė (Lithuania), Ernests Spīčs (Latvia), Gabriel Frontera Mestre (Spain), Junior Augusto Murillo Madrigal (Colombia), Adelė Gružienė (Lithuania) and Darius Daknys (Lithuania). Traditionally, the jury was chaired by the ethnomusicologist Zita Kelmickaitė (Lithuania). Today was the best day for the ensemble from Turkey, “Golden Bridge”, which had won two first prizes.

     In the II category (stylised folk dance groups), the best performer’s title went to the Turkish ensemble “Golden Bridge”; the second prize was awarded to the ensemble “Venzelya” from Russia, and the third prize went to the Slovakian dance group “Topl’an”.

     In the III category (instrumental music groups), the first prize was awarded to “Grupo de Areosa” from Portugal, the second prize went to the Lithuanian ensemble “Mėguva” and the third prize went to “Riptide Dance Band” from the USA.

      Samet Kölemen from Turkey became the winner of the VI category (solo instrumentalists).

    The chair of the jury, Zita Kelmickaitė, was very excited about all ensembles. When evaluating stylised folk dance groups she mostly regarded the transformation of folk dance traditions while creating a new dance. “There is always one criterion – continuation of the tradition and its transformation into a new authorial dance. It is interesting how this tradition is maintained and how it is unfolded today. It was a very hard job to judge because all the performances were very strong,” said Z. Kelmickaitė.
The second part of the contest of “The Flower of the Sun” will be held on 4 July. The groups of traditional folk dancers, traditional singing and solo vocalists will compete.
On 6 July, during the final gala concert of “The Flower of the Sun”, one of the ensembles will win “Grand Prix” of the contest-festival.


“The Flower of the Sun” information
Photos: Zaneta Bytautiene (1,2,3,4,5,6) and Irena Berstiene (7,8)

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