1. The participants, officials and a driver will be offered free of charge accommodation (in students dormitory) and meals, not less than three times per day, for the duration of the festival. Groups, who would like to stay in hotel, have to pay expenses themselves (not more than 10 percent of the hotel price will be covered by the Festival organizers).
2. No accommodation can be provided for any persons under the minimum age limit of the classes entered.
THE MAXIMUM NUMBER IN ONE GROUP, INCLUDING TWO OFFICIALS & 2 COACH DRIVERS MAY NOT EXCEED 32. Only two coach drivers per group are permitted. Extra members will have to cover the expenses themselves.
3. Travel expenses will be covered by the groups/soloists. Groups/soloists, coming to the contest by air transport will be transported from the airports to the festival place by the organizers. Arrival to the contest should be planned at the International Riga Airport (Latvia) (120 km distance from Contest City Šiauliai) or the International Vilnius Airport (Lithuania) (210 km distance from Contest City Šiauliai).
4. Arriving to the contest-festival the participants must have health insurance.
5. Contest participants should fill in the Participant’s Application Form. If an ensemble or a soloist wishes to compete in several categories, a separate application form should be filled in for each category.
6. The organizers of the festival will consider the received material and select the groups and soloists.
7. The participants (including the drivers, officials etc) will have to pay their registration fee of 38 Euros per person. Participant’s registration fee is irrevocable.
8. During the performances the participants will have to wear national costumes.
9. The organization committee reserves the right to cancel any category, money prizes and other awards if fewer than 5 applications to compete in a certain category arrive.
10. All music should be performed live. Recorded music and electric musical instruments will not be permitted in any competitions.
11. Jury decisions are final and indisputable.
12. The competitors oblige themselves to take part in concerts and other engagements arranged by the organizers without any payment.
13. The duration of performance at the Festival (not in Contest programme) is expected at least 30 minutes (and more). Groups must be prepared to demonstrate their traditional national folk dances and games and actively involve audience into the dances and games in the areas indicated
by the festival organizers (not on stage). These can be one or several folk games (including elements of sport, competition, dance or other).
14. The participants must arrive on the 30th of June, 2017 (afternoon hours).
15. Departure is on the 7th of July in the morning, after breakfast.
16. The participants will be offered some organized excursions tours on the 7th of July (after closing of the event) to Vilnius-Trakai or the Baltic seaside on their own expenses.
17. Throughout the whole contest-festival a crafts fair will take place and it will be permitted to sell the souvenirs of one’s own country.

P.S. The organizers hold the right to change the regulations and conditions of the Festival.